Slider on the AT

From March 10th to July 31st, 2018, I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail northbound with a plastic trombone – aka: pBone. I kept a trail journal while hiking and I wrote in it every day. Now I want to share my journal with you. In this, you will read about the ups and downs of my thru hike with the addition of a pBone to my pack weight. You will read about trail injuries, trail magic and trail angels, animal encounters, my amazing trail family, and so much more. The AT was truly a life changing experience. The people I met and experiences I had have changed me and I would not take back 1 second of those 144 days.

My trail journal started with the bare minimum of information (due to the cold and not being sure what I wanted to include in it), but as my hike went on I added more and more details each day. Each blog post will include my original trail journal entry for that day and will be followed with any details that I remember about that day plus a picture from the trail. I hope you will enjoy reading this!

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