3/23/18 – Day 14

A Rufus Morgan Shelter to Sassafras Gap Shelter – 7.9 miles

Woke up after sunrise. Waited around for a few hours for my dad who got there at 12pm. Got lunch – pizza and sweet tea – and set off hiking the 6.9 miles to the shelter. Very slow going with my dad but somehow there was space in the shelter for both of us. Nice fire before a cold night, but it’s not supposed to get below freezing, so hopefully not too cold tonight.

Slept in this morning since I had some time to kill before my dad would get to the NOC(Nantahala Outdoor Center) and the A Rufus Shelter was only a 1 mile hike to the NOC. Still was up and moving before Racheal and Braden, but that was no surprise. Love you guys! Had a very nice morning stroll to get to the NOC. I don’t remember what time I managed to get there, but not much was open yet because in the real world it was still early. No problem. I found a plug outside and hung out there until the one general store opened. The shelves were pretty empty, so there was not a lot to choose from but I was able to scrounge up enough food variety to get me to Fontana Dam in 2-3 days. Out of all my resupplies on the AT, this was one of the very few without a lot of choices. That’s not really a problem anywhere – in my experience – on the AT.

After resupplying, I got a text from my dad that he was running late because of traffic, so I ended up sitting by the river in a nice wooden lounge chair while I waited. I had the complete collection of the Sherlock Holmes books on my phone, so I had plenty to keep me busy. He arrived just in time for the restaurants there to open up for lunch at 11am so we went to the River’s End and dug in. Pizza is something I almost always got in town and if sweet tea was an option, I would most likely get that too. The most southern thing about me is my love for sweet tea. No matter where I move to, that will never change.

After eating, we started our 6 mile ascent towards Sassafras Gap Shelter. This climb is one hated by all NOBOs. It’s not particularly steep compared to the entire AT, but it is 6 miles straight of just uphill so there was a lot of bonding of our shared hatred of this climb. It was a slower climb too with my dad with me, but we still made it before dark and thankfully to a fire already made.

One of my biggest pet peeves on the AT was hikers in a shelter saying that there isn’t enough space for another person when there is. That’s exactly what happened when we got there. The 2nd floor of the shelter was very much full, but when I looked at the bottom floor, there was a good amount of space between everyone’ sleeping pads. I was able to get other hikers to move their pads over and move some myself and make space for my dad and I. You learn to sleep shoulder to shoulder with other hikers in a shelter. I honestly preferred that when it was colder out and that night was cold.

After setting up our pads and sleeping bags we made our dinners and joined some other hikers by the fire. I spoke with my mom earlier and she said she would be able to drive to Fontana Dam the next day and even reserve a 4 person room for me and 3 other hikers at the Fontana Dam Lodge if we could make it there. That would require me to do my first 20+ mile day and I was down to do it and I knew exactly who to share that room with. Graham and Grant were at this shelter and I was able to convince them very quickly to agree to get there tomorrow. Digs hiked past this shelter, so I sent him a text and hopefully he would have enough service somewhere to see it. I wasn’t sure if he would see it or not because his phone rarely got service on the trail.

It was a pretty cold night and with the fire dying down and having to hike 22 miles the next day, I headed to bed to get a good nights rest. I was ready to take on tomorrow!

My dad and I on the AT

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