3/27/2018 – Day 18

Spence Field Shelter to Double Spring Gap Shelter – 13.5 miles

It was cloudy and drizzling all day, so I decided not to push the 19 miles to Mt. Collins today. Set up my tent for the first time since before Blood Mountain. Didn’t end up needing to, but if my weather app is right, it won’t rain tomorrow until after 10am, so hopefully won’t have to take it down in the rain. Going to resupply in Gatlinburg tomorrow and hike on to the shelter that’s closest out of there.

I don’t remember much from hiking that day besides the constant drizzle of rain. Honestly would have preferred snow over rain. It was already cold and the snow wouldn’t seep into my clothes making me cold and wet like the rain. I do remember speaking with a female ranger(one of the only women I ran into with that position) who was doing trail maintenance and also asked to see my backpacking permit. It was from her that I found out about the blizzard that came through the Smokies the week before. It trapped some hikers in Gatlinburg and those stuck hiking in it were either post-holing through deep snow or sliding around on ice in their trail runners. That is not the kind of snow I would have preferred. The Smokies were kicking my butt so I stopped earlier than I originally planned. At this shelter, there was already a good mix of thru hikers and sections hikers so I decided to go ahead and set up my tent instead of taking the risk of having to set it up in the dark if the shelter ended up being full of section hikers. All of the shelters in the Smokies have a tarp covering the front to block out the wind along with a fire place. I was very thankful for whoever made the fire before I got to the shelter. I was able to dry my socks by the fire and write in my journal.

Set up my tent directly behind the shelter. Not my best work, but it got much better in the 144 days I was on the AT.

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