4/19/2018 – Day 41

Wise Shelter to Trimpi Shelter – 20.1 miles

Once again, 2-Clicks was the 1st to leave closely followed by me. I ended up hiking a large portion of the day with 2-Clicks and then Homebound and Flash when they caught up to us. Ran into Eskimo for the 1st time in a while at Old Orchard Shelter waiting for someone from our Horde of a group to catch up. He pulled ahead of us again after lunch and kept going past Trimpi. Mean Spaghetti never showed up to Wise Shelter last night, so we think he’s having problems with his new shoes. Eskimo was really worried. I felt a little bit of a shin split in my left leg this morning, but it went away fast. Felt it again through during the last 4 miles along with the Patellar Tendonitis that I had around mile 300. Baba Ganoush ended up hiking on past Trimpi. Honeybun made it to the shelter tonight. He said he hiked 9 miles with his dad before they went their separate ways. Trimpi Shelter is dedicated to Robert William Trimpi, who was 18 years old when he died in the Vietnam War. It’s really nice. Separated into 2 sections that fit 4 on the bottom plus 2 top platforms for 1 person. I’m on the top and hoping I do not fall off tonight. Also, a really nice fireplace!

Another cold, rainy day making the warmth of the fire in the shelter that much better.

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