4/20/2018 – Day 42

Trimpi Shelter to Chatfield Memorial Shelter – 16.8 miles

A fairly steady up and down for 9ish miles this morning to get to the visitor’s center. Made it just before 11am. We ended up deciding to go into town (50 cent shuttle) to Marion to resupply and ended up eating a huge meal at a Mexican restaurant. Next resupply should be in 3 days in Bland. My full stomach made the 1st incline a bit slow, but I made the last 7 miles alright. I also played trombone for cows today. Got a better reaction from them than I did from the ponies. They wouldn’t walk up to me, but all of them lifted up their heads to watch at least. Graham’s trail name is officially Gramps. At Chatfield, we met 2 other thru-hikers – Mickey and Rainbow Poo (2nd day, he ate skittles and pooped the rainbow). Rainbow Poo is from Columbia, SC and lived just down the road from my place on S Harden. Got a nice fire going. Homebound packed out S’mores ingredients from Wal-Mart and shared it with everyone. They were amazing!

I had a little bit of an injury start developing when we hiked out of town. My hips were really hurting but I slowed down and stretched the muscles often and thankfully avoided anything worse happening. Story about Rainbow Poo…before we met him, we kept seeing someone draw in the dirt/ground a picture of a poop emoji with a rainbow coming out of it. Of course the guy named Rainbow Poo would do that. Also small world that he is from my college town. I lived in Columbia, SC for 4 years while attending the University of South Carolina.

Not only did we have s’mores at camp, we also had plenty of drinks to go around that lead to Mean Spaghetti breaking down dead trees to put in the fire(no living trees were harmed in the making of this fire).

Cows before I serenaded them. They stayed standing where they are but lifted their heads once I started playing.

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