4/21/2018 – Day 43

Chatfield Shelter to Lynn Camp Creek Campsite – 20.7 miles

Today might have been the most scenic hike yet. Beautiful, sunny weather, grassy fields through farmlands, alpacas and cows. Started with an easy 5 miles into Atkins for breakfast at The Barn. Not a lot of tables for as big of a place that it is and they were very understaffed for the amount of hikers that came in that morning. 1 server (who was slow on her own) and 1 cook. Not the biggest meal I’ve had, but considering it was right off the trail it was nice. I started having a little pain in my hip (like Braden had before), but it didn’t hurt past morning so hopefully it’s not going to become a problem. In good news, I have officially reached ¼ of the way through the AT! ¾ LEFT! Getting excited for my birthday on Monday. Should be passing by a deli that day that also serve breakfast. If there’s anywhere that sells cakes, the Horde and I might be eating one! We’re all camped out 2 miles past the shelter. We’re hoping that we can all stay at Woods Hole Hostel on Tuesday night. If they have the space for us, then I’m sure it will happen.

1/4 the way through the Appalachian Trail!!!

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