4/22/2018 – Day 44

Lynn Camp Creek to Laurel Creek Campsite – 23.1 miles

Today was probably the quickest I have had to strip down to just my base layer. It was cloudy all day, but warm and humid enough to sweat. Started with an 8ish mile climb up to Chesnut Knob Shelter. I made surprising good time without any of the guys passing me. Got to the shelter before 10:30, but was pretty hungry, so I went ahead and ate lunch up there. The shelter was a fairly good-sized stone cabin, with 4 walls and bunks inside instead of just one platform. Service was great up there, so I went ahead and made my reservation at Woods Hole Hostel. Also reserved a spot for 2-Clicks since his phone and charger were both dead. Got some trail magic today! A lot of cans of food, plus pancakes (that we cooked ourselves). Got to the campsite around 5. Pretty wiped after today, so I was slow setting up my tent. 2-Clicks and a few others at the campsite ran into some creepy guy with a big knife who would follow them on the trail. Not sure what he was trying to do, but I would have called the police. I’m glad I never saw him. Baba Ganoush, Buckeye, and Soothe Sayer came into camp saying they were going to go another 8 miles tonight. Eventually they did actually keep hiking and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me while they walked away. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain most of the day, so we are thinking of pushing for a 33-mile day to get to a shelter. I might be hurting a lot tomorrow, but if it gets us closer to the hostel, then I’ll go for it.

Picture taken post-sunrise

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