4/24/2018 – Day 46

Wapiti Shelter to Woods Hole Hostel

I woke up a bit later than I wanted to, but it was raining fairly hard at 6 and did not stop until almost 6:30am. Once the rain stopped, it did not take long for the usual early risers to start moving. All of our feet took some time to adjust after going so far the day before. That combined with a cold and wet morning did not make for a fun morning hike, but it was towards a warm hostel at least. Woods Hold Hostel is 30 minutes from the closest town (Pearisburg, VA), has no wifi or signal, and a shuttle into town would cost us $20 each. We decided to wait to resupply until tomorrow, where we will all split 2 motel rooms not far from the trail and we can drink there. No alcohol allowed at this hostel. To pass the time, we played board games, tried origami, colored in adult coloring books, and did anything else that we could. Rachael and Braden have their trail names now! Rachael is Soul Sister and Braden is Polaroid. Also, Grant is Sani because he cleans his utensils with hand sanitizer. For a little extra $, the hostel made us all a homemade dinner that was amazing. A 1st course of bread, salad, egg salad, hummus. Second course was chili with cheese, rice, and whatever other toppings there was to choose from. Dessert was chocolate chip cookies and were brought out with candles while everyone sang happy birthday to me. Apparently, my mom called and told the owner that my b-day was yesterday, and she paid for my smoothie that I had earlier. Breakfast in the morning and then about 12 miles to get to Pearisburg for hopefully some Guinness!

Birthday choc0late chip cookies courtesy of Neville at the Woods Hole Hostel in Pearisburg, VA

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