4/25/2018 – Day 47

Woods Hole Hostel to Pearisburg, VA – 10.6 miles

Slept in past 6:30am, but still up before 7am! Had an amazing home cooked breakfast by Neville at Woods Hole and found out my mom paid for my stay at the hostel! The hike this morning was a steady grade with hardly any steep up hills, so I was able to keep a good 3 miles an hour pace. Sani, Gramps, and I ended up hiking the last few miles together and walked the 0.9 miles into Pearisburg together. Once checked into the motel, we headed to the Mexican Grill right across the street for lunch and stayed there for a bit as the rest of our group filled in. After lunch Sani came back from resupplying with a 6-pack of Guinness and a birthday cake that said, “Happy Birthday Slider” and had a picture of a trombone on it. Homebound even got a 6-pack of Guinness for me too. These guys are too nice to me. We were all drinking by 2pm and the drinking continued through dinner at the Mexican Grill (again) and until 11pm. Lots of shenanigans were had. These guys are absolutely crazy, but it has been great spending time with them.

The Northbound Horde: back row, left to right – Soul Sista, Two-Clicks, Slider, Buckeye, Soothe Sayer, Polaroid(soon to become Mattress King). front row, left to right – Duracell, Homebound, Mean Spaghetti, Honeybun, Gramps, Baba Ganoush, Stylo.

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